Vincent Vegan

do good, be cool, eat vegan


Nicht nur auf der Straße, auch in festen Shops bieten wir euch feinstes Fast Food - alles pflanzlich, alles einzigartig.

Food Truck

Unser Food Truck cruist ohne Unterlass durch die Lande. Besuche uns auf Festivals und anderen Events.


Firmenfeier, Geburtstag oder Hochzeit. Unsere Vincis liefern bei jedem Anlass ab und bieten herausragende Cateringoptionen.

Unsere mission

Vincent Vegan ist Freigeist und Kind der Straße. Er nimmt sich selbst nicht so wichtig und lebt getreu dem Motto: 

Leben ist gut. Leben und (am) leben lassen besser. Seine Mission ist klar. Nichts anderes als die Etablierung im Food-Mainstream ist das Ziel. Mit gleichgesinnten Vincis an seiner Seite schreitet er voran. Kompromisslos und unbeirrt. Mit Liebe im Herzen und Feuer in der Seele. We are all Vincent. #veganisnotatrend








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Okay weekend, I know you got somethin‘ up your sleeve... 🏖 🎉 🍔 📸 @greenderella ❤️
#vincentvegan #postmeatgeneration #veganisnotatrend #weekendvibes #friyay #fridaynight
At this point we would like to quote a wise man. His name ist Simpson. Homer J. Simpson. He is not vegan. His daughter is though. 🤔
Aaaanyway… it goes like this: “Ah, beer, my one weakness. My achille’s heel, if you will.”
So yes, it’s true. We have beer. Our very own beer in cooperation with @ratsherrn_official. 👋🏻
It’s f***in delicious. And organic. And delicious. And it goes by the name „Organic Vince Ale“. 👈🏼
Please, be so kind and have one. Now. 🍻 Thank you! 🙏🏼
#craftbeer #vincentvegan #postmeatgeneration #veganisnotatrend
Hey you, we got an idea!💡
Let’s match our food (colorful 🌈) to the weather (summerly ☀️) and the weekday (Friday 😎).
… done! ✅
📸 by @kasia_anna
#tgif #weekendvibes #sweetfries #postmeatgeneration #vinceperience
Influencer life is a good life? 
Yeah, it probably is. 😋
If you want to actually influence people with a positive and sustainable lifestyle, you don`t have too many choices but to promote a #veganlifestyle. 🌱 
And let us tell you that it’s not all about the looks. It’s more about the authentic message you want to spread. ☝🏼
Help us bringing #veganfood into mainstream by sharing your Vincent moments with your crowd. 📷👈🏼 #vincentvegan
And yes, with our partner @freachly you even have the chance to eat our fantastic food for free at both of our restaurants in Hamburg (and soon in Berlin!). 😮
📸 by @florianbornschier 
#postmeatgeneration #vinceperience #magnivincent #veganisnotatrend #vncvgn #vincis
See that. 👀 
It’s our Big Veganski. 🍔 
It’s vegan. 🌱 
Everything about it. Even it’s yummy „bacon" tongue. 👅 
You are doing nothing wrong with this one! 
You even minimize your foot print on the climate and mother 🌏. No sh**!
Apart from this: it’s god-damn delicious.
What else is there to persuade you to have one of those bastards today? Right, nothing❗️
📸 by @monalisa.pedersen 
#bigveganski #climEATchange #safetheplanet #eatvegan #mondaymotivation
Friday, 10 o‘clock in the morning.
Give me a! 👈🏻🤤 #veganbreakfast for champions #vincentvegan #postmeatgeneration #vinceperience #magnivincent #veganisnotatrend #vncvgn #vincis
And the jukebox plays: ooh, heaven is a place on earth… 🎶 📸 by @dorilina
#vincentvegan #postmeatgeneration #vinceperience #magnivincent #veganisnotatrend #vncvgn #vincis
1 year shop # 1 at  @europa.passage 🏢
1 year of playing with the „Big Boys". 👊🏼
1 year in the middle of mainstream. 👈🏼
1 year of positive reviews. 👏🏻
1 year of fantastic development. 🐱 ➡️ 🦁
1 year of steady growth rates. 📈
1 year of proving that the time was right. 🌱
1 year marked by an amazing team and wonderful guests. ❤️
1 year of optmism. ✨
1 year and the desire for more. 💪🏼
1 year for the animals. 🐷 🐮🐔🐔 🐟
1 year for the flying lava chunk that we call our home. 🌏
1 year for a better future ... Congratulations, Vincent!
Off we go again...! ✊🏼
#vincentvegan #postmeatgeneration #vinceperience #magnivincent #veganisnotatrend #vncvgn #vincis